The dishes of East Sussex

East Sussex is one of the most beautiful and historic parts of England. If you are planning to visit the British isles, you will want to spend some time in East Sussex. In addition to the picturesque countryside and great sites, the area is famous for its unique cuisine. There are certain dishes that you will only manage to find in East Sussex. These dishes may be created in other parts of Britain, but they originated in this part of the world. And if you want to enjoy these dishes to their full potential, you need to visit a first class restaurant in East Sussex.

Here are five dishes that you are only likely to find in East Sussex:

Pulborough Eel [link]

This dish consists of a boiled suet pastry that is double crusted and filled with chopped eel parts. In addition to eel, this pastry contains pork, eel stock, eggs, parsley, and chopped onions. It may sound like an unusual combination of foods, but the taste is truly unique and wonderful. Think of the pulborough Eel has a Shepard’s Pie with seafood. The English are famous for creating salty pies, which means that you can be sure of the excellence of this dish.

Selsey Cockle [link]

Cockles are a type of bivalve that is small and edible. These cockles are often sold with whelks and winkles, and they have become a very popular seaside snack in the British isles. Selsey cockles are sold by the pint, and can be found at most restaurants and street vendors in the area. Enjoy them with a side of fries and a pint of ale to get the complete East Sussex experience.

Chichester Lobster [link]

You have not tasted lobster unless you have been to the Chichester area of East Sussex. There are plenty of dedicated seafood and lobster restaurants in the area, each offering their own variety on the traditional lobster dish. Some of the restaurants can get very pricey, which means that it is a good idea to check beforehand regarding where you want to eat.

Amberley Trout [link]

Another unique food to East Sussex, the Amberley Trout combines traditional British flavors to a mainstream dish.

Rye Herring [link]

This dish is the perfect combination of British and Indian cuisine. The curried herring on rye toast is a truly wonderful dish, but also something you can only experience in the East Sussex area. Add various spices to a jar of dried pickled herring and you will begin to see what this dish is all about. The fish and spices combination is best served cold, on warm rye toast.

Whether you are a seafood fan, or you prefer traditional meat and chicken dishes, there is plenty in the East Sussex cuisine to enjoy. The people of East Sussex pride themselves on their food. While the rest of Britain is happy to live on beans and toast, the traditional English breakfast, and typical pub food, East Sussex natives take a more romantic approach towards food. Not only do they enjoy creating great dishes, but they ensure that each dish has something unique about it.

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